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Photo Studio Equipment & Software: Today’s Industry Leaders

Read a list of today’s photo studio equipment & software manufacturers. We share who’s who, and how these product photography solutions fit into the market.

Automated Still Image & 360 Photo Studio Manufacturers

We know PhotoRobot still & 360 product photography solutions aren’t the only photo studio equipment & software options on the market. Surely, you’ve already encountered competing manufacturers, each offering their own unique software-driven photo studio systems. Their mission is to reduce product content time-to-market by automating still & 360 product photography hardware & software processes. 

Some competing manufacturers provide all-in-one, turnkey photo studio solutions, with lighting & background built into a “photobooth-like” system. Others (like PhotoRobot) provide comprehensive setups with software to connect, control & synchronize lighting and camera settings with any photography devices. The most common photography setups include motorized turntables and platforms for taking both still and 360 product photos.

Other popular solutions are multi-camera systems for 3D product photography, and larger systems for model & fashion photography. Manufacturers also commonly provide tripods or a robotic camera arm, and accessories like mannequins for photographing different types of products. All systems boast varying levels of photoshoot automation & control, from studio workflows to post-processing, review & publishing. Overall, each aims to streamline the content production process, from photography to content delivery.

Read on for our list of today’s leaders in photo studio equipment & software for still & 360 product photography.

Types of Content Production

A 360 photo studio, as the name suggests, focuses on the production of 360-degree product content. However, there are different types of 360 content. We’ll clarify the terminology below.

  • Still images (also stills or frames) are individual photos from specific angles (frames) around an object. Usually, a 360-degree product spin will consist of 36 still images at 10-degree intervals stitched together with special software. 
  • 360s (also 360 spins, spins, or 360° packshots) often refer to standard, single-row spins. A row is the angle of camera elevation for each frame, and is usually at 10° elevation. 
  • 3D spins (also multi-row spins, or hemispherical / spherical spins) consist of two or more rows of still images. While the first row is usually at 10 degrees, subsequent rows capture several vertical angles. The result provides a 3D experience, with both a horizontal and vertical viewing axis.
  • Photogrammetry 3D models stitch together a series of photos using photogrammetry scanning and special software. Creating 3D models calls for taking at least 2 vertical rows 36 frames around a product. Photogrammetry software then composites images into a 3D model for hosting on 3D product viewers or 3D product configurators.

Leading Automated 360 Studio Manufacturers

Now, there are numerous manufacturers of 360 product photography studio solutions. Below, we’ll list some of the most influential industry leaders, and compare their offerings to PhotoRobot.

Iconasys – Still & 360 Degree Product Photography Solutions

With its beginnings in 2013, Iconasys was officially founded in 2014 by Michael Atman. Iconasys first entered the industry with still photography automation tools, and the development of Shutter Stream product photography software. These solutions integrated photo capture, editing & post-processing software for in-house operations.

Product photo sunglasses with case
PhotoRobot streamlines the capture of packshots and marketing angles for sunglasses, eyewear, and other reflective or semi-transparent products.

Proceeding the Shutter Stream release, Inconasys began working on their software to further support 360 product photography. This led to the Shutter Stream 360 software release, with a full line of product photography software to follow soon after. Later in 2014, Iconasys began manufacturing integrated hardware,  releasing a line of LED lighting kits and automated 360 photography turntables.

Now, Iconasys offers a range of software-supported solutions for both still & 360 product photography. They provide a line of stand-alone 360 software, photography turntables, and lighting kits for different requirements, budgets, and skill levels. Their in-house solutions serve a range of industries and ecommerce product photography ventures.

Orbitvu – Automated Product Photography Solutions

Next on the list are Orbitvu automated product photography solutions. Orbitvu dates back to 2010 and is headquartered in Tarnowskie Góry, Poland. Its founder, Tomasz Bochenek, acts as Chief Executive Officer, with Abris Capital Partners having acquired the company in 2022.

Photo editing automation user interface with handbag
Deploy PhotoRobot’s photo editing automation software for automatic post-processing, including cropping, centering, background removal and more.

Orbitvu is among the leading manufacturers in e-commerce imaging solutions, providing photo & video content creation machines. They develop both hardware and software aiming to reduce product content time-to-market while increasing product page conversions.

Currently, Orbitvu serves a range of industries, including: e-commerce product photography, electronics, jewelry, apparel, footwear, and tools. They offer various photography turntables, “photobooth”-like devices, flat lay photography solutions, and other 360 photo studio equipment.

Ortery Technologies – DIY In-House Product Photography

Another well-known name on the market, Ortery Technologies positions themselves as professional DIY in-house product photography solutions. Having set out on their mission in 2002, Ortery was founded by Mr. P.C. Lai. Ortery holds headquarters in Irvine, California, and entered the industry with a desktop product photography studio: the Coloreal eBox.

360 spin of men's watch next to camera
Produce 360 spins of fashion products, clothing, apparel and accessories quickly and effectively with PhotoRobot equipment and software.

The Coloreal eBox shaped how Ortery would define its product line, from its equipment to the Photosimile Series. Now, Ortery provides a range of “business photography machines”. These include stand-alone 360 turntables, all-in-one Lightbox solutions, and multi-camera systems for 3D product photography.

With these, Ortery aims to help companies streamline studio processes with software-driven automation & equipment for various product photography demands. They offer in-house technology for still, 360 & 3D image capture, and for filming product videos. There are numerous industries Ortery supports, including: ecommerce, jewelry, fashion & apparel, home decor & furniture, and items ranging from small to large.

Packshot Creator – In-House Product Photography Systems

Going back to 2003, Packshot Creator (also Sysnext) entered the market of product photography studio equipment & software. Packshot Creator is now headquartered in Levallois-perret, Ile-de-France, France, and manufactures computer-controlled, in-house studio systems. These include turntables, equipment, lighting, and software for 360 & 3D product experiences on a white or transparent background.

Moving image of photography light: front, left and right angles.
PhotoRobot's 360 Product Viewer gives shape and dimension to technical products and equipment.

Packshot Creator in 2004 introduced their software, and later, in 2006 produced their first software-synchronized turntable. In 2010, the company developed technology for 3D modeling. Then, in 2011, these technologies merged and were introduced in Packshot Creator’s 360 photo studio. Zoom-forward to today, and they now also manufacture photo tables, multi-camera 3D photography systems, and their LiveStudio.

Among many industries they support, Packshot Creator manufactures solutions for gemstone & jewelry product photography. Other industries they aim to support include many: from art & antiques to fashion products, eyewear, sports, beauty, electronics and more.

Styleshoots – Fashion Product Photography Equipment

Continuing our list of photo studio equipment & software manufacturers is Styleshoots. With beginnings in 2011, Styleshoots has its headquarters and showroom in Haarlem, Netherlands, just outside of Amsterdam.

White high-top shoe with orange laces on motorized turntable.
360 footwear product photography on PhotoRobot turntables produce outputs compatible across all browsers and devices.

Styleshoots primarily supports companies in fashion-ecommerce with photo and video automation tools. The Styleshoot product line now includes “all-in-one” product photography devices for tabletop photography, still & 360 images, and product videos. 

Their first “all-in-one” device, StyleShoots Horizontal, came in 2011, while 2014 saw StyleShoots Vertical for ghost mannequin photography. Since then, they’ve designed StyleShoots Live for photography and filming videos of live models, and the Eclipse for capturing footwear.

The PhotoRobot Photo Studio Approach

PhotoRobot knows that every client has different needs. What solution is best always varies depending on the business, the budget, available space, and user-level requirements. In fact, we take pride in both our tailor-made solutions for businesses small to large, and our “knowledge-first” approach. We consult with all our clients not only on the PhotoRobot solutions available to them. We also compare different techniques, equipment & software solutions to demonstrate the ROI clients can expect of PhotoRobot.

Our Automated, Software-Driven Line of Studio Equipment

Since 2005, PhotoRobot has outfitted webshops, warehouses and studio spaces with thousands of custom installations across 6 continents. Our line of software-controlled, product photography robots resides with both big name brands and small companies alike. The goal is to help companies focus on their core business while content creation is automated.

Among our solutions, we manufacture a wide range of customizable, motorized turntables. Solutions vary for objects as small as a microchip to as large as furniture and heavy machinery. There is even the Carousel car turntable for 360 product photography of automobiles, tractors and campers. Other robots include automated, robotic tripod solutions like the Robotic Camera Arm, and the Multi-Cam for multi-row 3D product photography. We also manufacture many of our devices to automate the creation of 360s, 3D models, and product videos.

In-house product photography studio setup
Look into a PhotoRobot in-house photo studio, equipped with 360 turntables, lighting, camera rigs and workstations for 360 product photography.

PhotoRobot’s stand-alone automation & control software integrates with all robots, compatible cameras and studio lighting. Control the entire studio from a single interface, with automatic post-processing tools and features for sharing content, review, and publishing. Meanwhile, software workflow enhancements cover everything from product-in, to photography processes, post-production, and product-return.

Looking to Equip a Photo Studio with PhotoRobot?

Don’t hesitate to schedule a demonstration today. Our solutions in eCommerce photography cater to operations from small to large. Whether you’re a professional product photographer, or running a webshop, enterprise, or an industrial-scale photography warehouse, PhotoRobot can assist. We guarantee tailor-made product photography studios with top-class software, image consistency, workflow enhancements,  user training, and wide functionality. Just reach out to learn more. We’ll get you set up with photo studio equipment & software for all your still, 360 & 3D imaging needs.