Quick, Easy, and Effective Product Photoshoots with PhotoRobot

In this post, we’ll demonstrate the capturing, post processing, and publishing of 3 product photoshoots in under 3 minutes. Discover PhotoRobot functions to automate 360 product photography, streamline workflows, and maximize productivity.

PhotoRobot Product Photoshoots: 3 Products in Under 3 minutes

In this post, we’ll demonstrate the capturing, post processing, and publishing of 3 product photoshoots in under 3 minutes. Discover PhotoRobot functions to automate 360 product photography, streamline content production workflows, and maximize productivity in the photo studio. 

The video above shows just how quick and easy the process can be, even with 3 different types of products. For these, we chose the following 3 products, each calling for different product photography techniques. 

  1. A high-heel shoe with a suede surface: To showcase how powerful strobe lighting is for capturing vivid and crisp details.
  2. A metal tray with lots of edges and empty space: To demonstrate the capabilities of our background removal tool.
  3. A shampoo bottle with white on white and lots of text: To introduce our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature.

We wanted to show you that no matter the order, product photoshoots with PhotoRobot are extremely quick and easy. Keep reading to learn more about photoshoots with PhotoRobot, our line of robots, and our software for automation and control.

Photography equipment and software

In the video, we have already imported a shot list of the different products in the day’s photoshoot. We have also given each product its own presets, which the software will use to control the photoshoot.

Product photography software user interface.

Now, we can simply scan the barcodes on each object, and the software knows which product we are going to photograph. 

Next, we can weigh and measure the product on our _CubiScan-325, which communicates with the _Robotic_Arm to set the camera at the right height. The laser cross on our motorized turntable then shows us exactly where to place the product, which turns off during photography.

After placing the item, a quick scan of its barcode informs the software of its target, and the product photoshoot begins.

Photographing the first product: a suede, high-heeled shoe

Now, this first product represents a relatively simple product photography procedure. The suede material however can pose a challenge, but not with PhotoRobot. This is thanks to the fact we use strobe lighting, unlike almost everybody else.

Spin photography motorized turntable setup

Notice as well, PhotoRobot takes a series of images from precise angles, all without stopping. In 20 seconds, the non-stop spin feature captures 36 images around the shoe, downloads the series of photos, and saves files to the cloud. 

While all this is happening, we check the position of the turntable at 1000 times per second. Signals are sent to the camera several milliseconds ahead of time, ensuring cameras target exactly correct angles. As we capture photos, the system also auto crops each, manages background cleanup, and color adjustment. 

All original image files are immediately backed up, and finished photos are published instantly via a secure feed. All in under one minute

360-degree spin image example results

Keep in mind that the normal capturing process of a spinset involves between 24 photos (at minimum), to 36, or 72 around the product. Just to give you an example of the power of PhotoRobot, we wanted to take this to the extreme.

Spin product photo orange high-heel shoe

Rather than our usual 36 photos, we took 180 photos (one shot at every 2°) around our suede, high-heeled shoe. We wanted to demonstrate just how seamless our image viewer deploys on-page, even at a fairly large file size of 1.4 GB.

View the results for yourself. Thanks to PhotoRobot’s 360 Product Viewer, deploying high resolution imagery that still loads fast and performs well on-page is no problem. See how clear and crisp the product photos capture the suede fabric.

It’s also noteworthy that this product photoshoot with PhotoRobot is complete in under 2 minutes. Simply run your photoshoot, and instantly after you can prepare your workspace for the next product.

Capturing the second product: the wire basket

Next up: our product photoshoot with PhotoRobot on the wire basket. You might believe this would be a challenging product photoshoot. This is due to complex internal areas, empty space, and details that need masking but also shiny edges.

For this order, we are using a different photography technique: free-masking. With this approach, we take two images from the same angle, one with only the backlight. This gives us the silhouette of the object (“the mask”), which enables you to cut the object out of the background. 

Now, it’s possible to make the background transparent, enabling us to change background colors to better fit the surrounding webpage. With PhotoRobot, there’s no worries that some parts of the object will be removed with the background. 

See the results (above) from our rough image files (12 x image + 12 x mask). This example is 36.8 MB, including intentionally untuned transitions on the edges and remaining adhesive.

Getting the third product: the shampoo bottle

Finally, our product photo shoot of a white-on-white shampoo bottle with lots of text. In the video, we deliberately place the bottle off-center. This is to showcase how easily you can fix this in post processing with our semi auto centering feature.

The results above show how effectively PhotoRobot handles centering and white-on-white photography. All processed images and originals are in the cloud, so you can adjust settings any time, even from another device.

PhotoRobot’s unique OCR feature renders all of the text crisp, clean, and readable. Even in the example above, before applying color adjustment and auto centering, all text is sharp.

See more of PhotoRobot in action

PhotoRobot aims to change the game in automated eCommerce photography, product photoshoots and solutions. To discover more about our robots or to even book a free demo, simply contact PhotoRobot. One of our technical experts is ready to introduce you to quicker, easier, and more effective product photoshoots with PhotoRobot.