PhotoRobot Solutions for the 360 Product Photography Studio

PhotoRobot solutions can transform any workspace into a professional-looking 360 product photography studio. Whether it’s for a business looking to succeed with a small webshop, a vendor in e-commerce, or even retail at an industrial scale, PhotoRobot’s versatile hardware and intuitive software for automation and control can make any workspace ready for the task at hand.

360 Product Photography Studio - Equipment & Automation Software

In a PhotoRobot 360 product photography studio, every piece of machinery prioritizes efficiency and workflow to create a professional studio in nearly any space available. Even amateur photographers can achieve excellent results with ease and confidence on a wide range of products, from smaller complex items like rings and jewellery, to fashion photography on live models or even shooting exceptionally large products like cars and heavy machinery.

Taking 360 degree product photos wristwatch

Designed by product photographers for product photographers

PhotoRobot’s professional 360 product photography equipment coupled with a suite of software for automation and control have been designed by product photographers for product photographers. Whether it’s capturing traditional still shots, 360° spins, filming product videos or making 3D models for AR / VR product content, overcome any obstacle in the 360 product photography studio in style with PhotoRobot.

Product photography studio equipment

Remote control of the entire 360 product photography studio

Remotely control the entire studio (robots, cameras, lighting and more), manage workflow, automate time-consuming image post-processing or replay repeatable robotic processes as “scenarios” that you can save and reuse again and again. All you need to do is prepare the scene and place the product, and PhotoRobot manages the “heavy-lifting”. The majority of our robots are available in a variety of models and sizes and can also be tailor-made into custom 360 photography studio solutions for webshops, e-commerce and online retail.

Remote camera control

Versatile in design, built for maximum functionality and effective workflow

Each PhotoRobot machine is designed to be versatile while also remaining extremely portable and compact to meet a wider range of needs for the 360 product photography studio. Some robots can blend in perfectly with a showroom floor, others can fit nice and neatly into nearly any available space, and all of these are customizable for maximum functionality and to tailor to more client needs. 

Lighting, camera, product photography kits

Hardware and accessories for any project, workspace or studio

We want our clients to realize smoother workflow while also accomplishing more tasks with less equipment. Because of this, PhotoRobot has engineered its robots with various hardware features and accessories from one robot to the next, improving on aspects such as mobility, ease of installation, functionality, transport between workstations and more. 

Additional photography studio accessories

Take PhotoRobot’s RotoPower for instance, a popular feature to the family of rotary turntable robots. This feature makes it possible to photograph electrical appliances that require power during photoshoots. The appliance can rotate smoothly for 360 photography while also remaining plugged in, allowing photographers to capture the product in use.

Turntable product photography

There are also hardware features like the built-in chassis for PhotoRobot’s Catwalk for easy transport of the robot from one side of the studio to the other. There are access ramps for PhotoRobot turntables for photography of furniture or exceptionally large products like cars and heavy machinery. Take for example the Carousel 5000, the 360 car turntable. Then, there are accessories for any type of 360 product photography studio, from mannequins and catwalks for fashion photography, to a range of rotary plates for different types of objects, undercarriages for hiding or moving robots, additional storage and more.

Our Product Photography Robots

PhotoRobot currently has on offer 16 various robots for 360 product photography studios and workspaces. Each robot is run by a unique real-time operating system and is managed by a cloud-based workflow consisting of automation tools for image-capturing and image-processing, all easy to integrate with 3rd party software for maximum productivity.

Photography turntable with robotic camera arm

Not only high quality but also efficient 360 product photography

With PhotoRobot’s comprehensive range of equipment, clients can create quality photos, 360° spins, videos and even 3D models for products of any size. Operators can utilize presets to automatically capture all (still and spin) images of the product, upload imagery to the cloud, post-process and prepare results for final review and immediate online publishing — all in one minute or less and with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Just have a look at a range of our results yourself.

Visual content examples

Product photo gallery user interface

Still shots, multi-row tri-shots, and 360 spin

Still product images, multi-row and 360s

Product Videos 

3D models for digital marketing

Spinning 3D racing motorcycle

Augmented and virtual reality 3D product experiences

Augmented reality product viewer on mobile

PhotoRobot: Reinventing 360 Product Photography Workflow

While others capture locally, create data backups, transfer, post-process, backup again, upload and then finally share — all manually — with PhotoRobot you can capture images directly to the cloud, backup instantly, post-process automatically and publish to the web immediately.

Whether you’re looking to improve studio workflow, equip a workspace with better equipment for 360 and 3D photography, create 3D models for e-commerce, or all of the above and more, PhotoRobot can advise you on the solutions that best meet your needs in a 360 product photography studio.

Reach out to us today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation with one of our specialist technicians. No matter the job, PhotoRobot is an all-in-one, fully automated and cloud based solution for all of your product photography demands.