Product’s centering with lasers

In 360 degree or 3D spin photography the product looks natural only if it was placed right into centre of rotation.

In 360 degree or 3D spin photography the product looks natural only if it was placed right into centre of rotation. How to find it really precisely and easily at the same time? Forget about a pen and a ruler, use Lasers!



The lasers are easy to operate and precise. But because in some cases the beam could be visible on photographed products and turning them off and on every time is annoying and time consuming, we thought of something more. Something that would switch them off automatically – and here it is – the Laser Box:

The Laser Box is a controller for lasers connected to the main Robot. Through our software you are able to set lasers to automatically turn off once the shooting the spin started and they turn on in the end again. It can also make a laser grid with up to 20 lasers working together creating various patterns useful for irregularly sphaped products.

And how it works in practice

This method of Line lasers setting is the same for all 360° robots, i.e. for:

•    Robotic Turntable
•    Centreless Table
•    Cube
•    Turning Platform


1. Set both line lasers appx. into the rotation centre. The beams make a cross.


2. Fix a piece of paper (A4) into the approximate rotation centre.


3. Mark a dot (with a pen) on the place where the laser beams cross. Then start a rotation sequence (8 steps per rotation are enough). With each stop, mark the crossing of both beams. You will get 8 dots in the end.


4. Link each of two opposite dots. The middle of  the „star“ you get shows rotation centre of the Table.


5. You have found the rotation centre. The beams of line lasers however, must be perpendicular as well, to achieve it use a self-levelling laser. Switch it on. Do not forget to unlock it, to allow its pendulum to aim down to the earth. Vertical beam of the self-levelling laser is 100% perpendicular thanks to the pendulum. Let it shine over the rotation centre (middle of your „star“).  Adjust vertical beam of one line laser (and then of the other) according the vertical beam of the self-levelling laser.


6. Now the beams of line lasers show rotation centre of the Table and are perpendicular too. Do not forget to fix screws of both line lasers in their position.

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