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FotoRobot.cz technologies not only bring very smart solution for 3D/360° product photography but moreover have actually focused on practicalities on its hardware design and workflow of photo studios.

FotoRobot.cz technologies not only bring very smart solution for 3D/360° product photography but moreover have actually focused on practicalities on its hardware design and workflow of photo studios. Daily routine of walking from one end to another in a photo studio, checking lights, sockets and all other things can be overseen as an unavoidable factor of such job. Our designers have focused on optimizing all details of working in photo studio in order to eliminate firstly few seconds resulting in hours in the end. The technology are based on interconnected system with focus on details. Therefore the whole product range from smallest Cube robot up to biggest Carousel can be used in various configurations. In addition every item has its own optimized design.

Let us take CUBE, multi-functional robot, that can be used in combination with other robots which means its installation should be easy and quick. For such purposes it is delivered with special docking plate and smartly hidden socket head tool for mounting, attached to CUBE by magnet so wherever you relocate the robot you have always necessary tools with you. It sounds like detail saving just few seconds but not knowing where your tools are may sometimes take even few hours and great portion of frustration. CUBE robot is equipped with adjustable bars for easy and precise positioning of the photographed item. The focus is aimed into such details because accurate positioning and avoidance of any movement during rotation lead to perfect 3D/360° photography where any small underestimation becomes a nightmare.

If you state that your products are flexible you should not forget moving them round your work place. All table-multi-functional working places (Tent Table, Centreless…) are equipped with small wheels and docking system so you can easily change the whole scene set up wherever your like. As such tables carry special portals prepared as holders for lights, backgrounds, shading, centre-positioning lasers, shelf for accessories you can simply call it portable photo studio on just few square meters.

Another gadget from Fotorobot.cz family is the foot pedal control set (for control unit) reducing the need of endless walking between a computer and the set up scene and camera. You can program all its four buttons according to your needs and studio equipment.

All these breakthroughs of details are connected into control units that are neatly placed into tables or rack cases where you have nice overview of all robots, their regimes and activity. Cables are hidden and clearly lined. No heaps of endless cables and running out of available sockets.

One might think that such precision can be counter-productive and cost demanding for production but seconds lead to hours. When you deal with larger volumes overall time win the deal over the competition so therefore some more effort and money invested into such improvements may bring larger contribution than assumed.

The importance of details is being increased by competitive market and its pressures on durability, precision and competitive advantages. Our team is fully aware of such influences and therefore has a right to claim that PhotoRobot is the best partner for new era of product photographing.

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